LEAGUE RACE (TT and Prize giving)

The Last League Race for 2015 was held on Saturday 21 November.


The last league race of 2015 was held at Ride In and the annual prize giving was held after the race. The overall winners are:

Juniors :-   1st –  Matthew Brooks;
2nd – Adriaan Groenewald and
3rd – Andrew GaddMatthew and Adriaan
Seniors :-  1st – Craig Ridgard;
2nd – Roxy Burns and
3rd – Denzel   Ventura

Certificates for the next categories were handed out:

Fastest Tandem on 16 km route – Hein Wagner & Alwyn de Kock
Fastest Tandem on 35 km route – David Jones & Jason Penz
Fastest handbike on 16 km – Ernst v Dyk (his best ever time on this route)
Fastest bike on 35 km – Craig (also fastest time for this route – including all the tandems)
Fastest bike on 16 km – Craig (fastest time on this route by anyone so far)
Fastest bike on 10 km – Adriaan Groenewald (jnr) with Bilaal Dramat close on his heels
Fastest Trike on 10 km – Willie Kotze
Fastest Trike on 16 km – also Willie
Most promising new comer – Bilaal Dramat
Special mention of riders who presented South Africa during this year.

Special prizes for:
Theo for all his continued support to the races and riders
Eugene who actually had his fastest ride on the 16 km and then gave up…. :)

Well done and thanks for everyone for your support and hard work. Thanks you Thomas for sponsoring the wine and juice.  It was very well received and appreciated. Thanks to Ride In for hosting us.

Results of Saturday’s Race